JACKAL - Guest DJ on Metal Express Radio

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12.02.2014Artist News

On Friday 14th February 2014 (3pm and 9pm Central European Time) will be JACKAL (Netherlands), as a guest DJ on Metal Express Radio. They will speak of his personal music favorites, about musical influence and the band. Also will be played songs from the current album "Cry Of The Jackal" (CD and vinyl) which was released on October 18th, 2013 by Pure Underground Records, a sublabel of Pure Steel Records.

So tune in www.metalexpressradio.com

Jackal was started in 1985 by brothers Terry and Stephan Pechler and in 1989 they recorded the CD "Cry Of The Jackal".
Jackal did shows with bands as Vexation, Angus, Hot Legs, Baby’s Breath, Chalice, etc. In 1992 the band went dormant. In January of 2007 the original members John and Rick kick-started the band again.
In 2010 original singer Erwin Siereveld joined the band again. Jackal is now in the midsts of recording a new album.