ASCHEREGEN - video for "Untot" released

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07.08.2018Video News

ASCHEREGEN has released a video for the song "Untot". That song is on the new album "Untot", which will be released 2019 on CD via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS.

The band ASCHEREGEN was founded 2017 and is oriented to oldschool Heavy Metal from the 80s. Because of the German lyrics, they call it „Deutsches-Metal“ (German-steel). The music sounds like Metalbands from the 80s and been influenced by from Ozzy Osbourne, Dio or Accept. The reason of that sound is most of all the guitar work by Kratos P. The lyrics are presented in German language by Lilith Frost and Kaleun Cronos. The female and the male voice provide for the varied sounds of the songs. Daniel van Helsing´s keyboard gives main points and represents the Hard Rock of his earlier years. The pressure is based on the drums of Leroy Blanche and Herbert Maul´s bass guitar. On top of that ASCHEREGEN does not to sound like Rammstein or Böhse Onkelz, in contrast to many new bands which try to copy their sound. ASCHEREGEN create their own style of music and present German Heavy Metal with their first album “UNTOT”.

With „tunes of war“-songwriting-supporter A. Püschel & Kaleun Debus from Promoportal Germany.

Kaleun Cronos - vocals, guitars
Lilith Frost - vocals
Kratos P. – guitars
Daniel van Helsing - keyboard, piano, backing vocals
Leroy Blanche – drums
Herbert Maul - bass